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In The Courts Of The Sun by Brian D'Amato
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Friday, 12 February 2010

News From The Abyss - 12/02/10

Adam L.G. Nevill's Banquet For The Damned was a great horror story so I am really looking forward to Apartment 16 the follow up due in May. Adam has just launched a lovely new website with more info here.

Another book due for launch at WHC (which I am still not going to ) is The Bitten Word and despite it being about vampires it has an impressive list of contributors. More info here.

And talking of impressive lists of contributors take a look at Tails Of Wonder And Imagination edited by Ellen Datlow here, now that's an impressive list. Also, that is not a spelling mistake, its Tails not Tales, it's about cats you see...

If you have an affection for paperbacks particularly ones from the 70's and 80's with really garish covers then you will love The Paperback Fanatic magazine. I recently acquired some issues and it is a very impressive mag, full of cover art and insightful articles. Highly recommended for lovers of old paperbacks you can buy it here.

Not a huge amount of book news this week but for UK horror fans here's a little treat. BBC iPlayer is showing The Witchfinder General, thats right the whole film, you can view it here.

Finally, sometime over the next week or so the blog will undergo a transformation. From the promordial, miasma of the dark abyss (reading too much Lovecraft again!) will rise a shiny new wordpress blog. Of course the transition will be seamless..ahem...and the address will still be If you do happen to visit soon and find a big blank space then I am afraid the creatures from the pit have dragged me down but rest assured I will return.